Want to use your insurance to pay for your homebirth midwife? See Below:

Insurance & Midwifery Care

Insurance companies don't make it easy for independent practitioners - much less midwives - to keep costs low and spend time on you. In most practices, it takes many staff to keep up with filing and staying on top of the claims process in order to be paid.  It can also take up to six months simply to become an out-of-network provider.  In addition, many "affordable" plans  have high individual and/or family deductibles in addition to your monthly premiums and co-pays before they pay any portion of your care (whether you select an in-network or out-of-network provider). 

If you wish you try and use your insurance benefits to pay for your midwifery care, I do work with an independent billing company to verify your benefits. This company will also assist you with filing your claims.

ATX Homebirth is currently:

Out-of-network with: (check back often as this is an on-going process)

In-network with: Altrua HealthShare

Texas Medicaid:

On medicaid? No worries. I am a medicaid provider (Traditional & Superior HealthPlan)! Call me for details.