Meet the Midwife

Varshna Narumanchi, Licensed Midwife (LM) & Registered Nurse (RN)

Welcome! Here is a little background info about me:

I owe my deep love of learning to my parents. It might even be true that I am an education addict! I have an undergraduate degree in Linguistics and a graduate degree in education. After moving to Texas in 1992, I worked as an educator, teacher trainer, and grants/contracts specialist. 

In Fall 2017, I graduated from nursing school at Austin Community College and in January 2018, I graduated from the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program and received my Texas midwifery license. My apprenticeships were with a renowned homebirth midwife of 40+ years experience and a very busy, very Austin, birthing center. 

Pregnancy and childbirth are particular passions of mine and I am committed to supporting texas families who wish to birth at home. 

In fact, my own children (now 22, 19, and 17) were born at home with midwives! I hope that when they are ready to have their own families, they choose homebirth. 

Birth is an intimate experience. Call or email me to schedule a no-commitment, one-hour consultation so we can get to know each other!